Style Inspiration Part Two - Vintage, Mod, Pin up, Rockabilly, Retro

Having these style is like travelling back in time. The hair, the outfit, and the makeup is so distinguished you'll really stand out of the…
jewelruiz Oct 26, 2012

Style inspiration Part One - Quirky

I fell in love with this style before I knew the term people used for it. I really looked for the term in the net…
jewelruiz Oct 26, 2012

Hot Hair Trends this Spring

Like what a lot of people would say, our hair is our 'crown and glory.' Whatever we do to our hair can drastically change the…
jewelruiz Oct 12, 2012

My Top 3 Favorite Grunge Bands

Grunge music  emerged in the mid 80's in Washington, especially in the Seattle area. The genre was characterized by heavy guitar distortion and angst-filled lyrics…
jewelruiz Oct 08, 2012

What every makeup junkie should have at home - Magnetic makeup frame ^.^

With the dawn of the social networking sites where almost everything is accessible, a lot of people are learning how to do things on their…
jewelruiz Oct 01, 2012

Who is Jjoplipstickshotgun?

What would be a better way to start than to introduce yourself? Hi! I'm Jewel Ruiz. Please don't call me by my first name. Doing it…
jewelruiz Sep 29, 2012

Get Zooeyfied!

For sometime now, I've been mesmerized by the beautiful american actress from the romantic movie, '500 days of Summer' and FOX TV show, 'New Girl'…
jewelruiz Sep 28, 2012
I have a lot of flannel shirts and this is one of thempic
I got this fringe a year ago and it made look like a cosplayerpic
I'm loving the stripes from a thrift shoppic
I just wore this college rock chic look on one of special events in the officepic
I had this vintage punk look on our Christmas Party last yearpic
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About Me:

I love mod, retro, vintage, rock, grunge, pinup, and quirky fashion. I also love rock music. I dream to be fashion blogger and designer one day. I'm just trying to figure out how. If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)

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